Cancer Champions | Your Trusted Cancer Patient Advocate

As Your Trusted Cancer Patient Advocate, We Offer Compassionate Guidance & Clarity to You and Your Loved Ones Throughout Your Cancer Journey

Cancer Champions empowers cancer patients and their families with knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about your cancer care & regain your peace of mind.
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As Your Patient Cancer Advocate,
We Make Sure You Don’t Face Cancer Alone

 If you or a loved one is feeling overwhelmed and anxious by a cancer diagnosis, compassionate support is available.

Combining a vast knowledge of oncology with genuine compassion, Cancer Champions serves as your trusted cancer patient advocate – complementing your cancer care team.

As your cancer care advisor, Cancer Champions offers peace of mind while easing fear & uncertainty throughout your cancer journey.

Our mission is to help you and your loved ones…

  • Make informed decisions
  • Understand your specific disease
  • Evaluate your treatment options
  • Collect personalized healthcare information

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Together, we’ll create a personalized roadmap to guide you and your family through your cancer diagnosis.

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Want Step-by-Step Guidance to Navigating Your Cancer Diagnosis? 

If you're already navigating a cancer diagnosis, our downloadable tutorial guides you every step of the way.


When you are presented with a cancer diagnosis, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Because we have professional healthcare experience — and have personally been through several cancer journeys — we compassionately create a personalized roadmap to help you and your family navigate your cancer journey. 

As your cancer patient advocate, we also provide resources and information to help you take the first steps.



When you are making critical decisions about your cancer treatment — you need access to relevant information that is tailored to your unique situation.

With both professional and personal experience researching treatment options and supportive care solutions for cancer patients, we are uniquely qualified to offer families the necessary information and resources to confidently make informed decisions about their cancer care.


Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, emotions often take control and inhibit decision-making.

It is not uncommon for anxiety and fear to stifle important conversations that family members and loved ones need to have with cancer patients.

As your cancer patient advocate, we can facilitate these important — yet difficult conversations — with compassion and a kind and open heart.

From our inbox:

When my father was diagnosed with cancer I was in shock — and living 600 miles away. I knew he had been dealing with prostate cancer several years earlier, but I had no idea his cancer had returned and was so advanced.  

Dana was a true blessing. She went to see my father and assessed the situation quickly. Her knowledge of cancer was critical. She listened to the doctors and asked the right questions. She was far better equipped than us to discern what the doctors were saying — and counsel us appropriately. She monitored my father during his stay in the hospital and helped us navigate the transition to hospice. Dana was compassionate and a true professional all the way through to the end.

The nicest thing about working with Dana is her compassion. She has experienced the loss of her own parent to cancer and knows the confusion, uncertainty, and heartbreak involved. She is able to professionally communicate with the medical staff and gather the correct information — and translate it to us in an understandable way. Dana cried with us, prayed with us and was not afraid to be honest. I respected that.

— L.P., Atlanta, Ga

From our inbox:

As someone diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer just 5 months ago, I was overwhelmed and confused. I wasn’t sure whether my doctors were doing what I needed. I asked Dana to review my case and it was the best thing I’ve done since diagnosis. I’m so grateful I made the decision to work with Dana. For a very reasonable fee, she actually did more than expected. She is smart, organized, prompt, and compassionate. I am now much more confident regarding treatment options and what my doctors should be doing. My head has stopped spinning and I can sleep at night. Worth every penny.

— Lori R

From our inbox:

“It’s difficult to express in words the importance of an advocate when faced with a life-changing scenario like cancer. Dana was amazing, providing incredible counsel and guidance that was critical in the early days of our diagnosis. I could not imagine going through this again without the caring, loving expertise that Dana Hutson brought to our family. She is an angel.”


From our inbox:

“5 stars is just not enough for Dana Hutson. Dana has been a godsend to our family.  We lost my elderly father with Dementia after a cascade of events resulting from an ER visit.   My family has been struggling to bring closure to this situation.

I met Dana after a presentation she gave . During the presentation she gave an example that exactly described the experience we had at the hospital with my father. We hired Dana to go back and research the entire 30 day hospital experience and assist us in understanding what happened. Dana spent numerous hours reviewing hundreds of pages of notes from 4 different hospitals.

Our experience is far too common across the country. Unfortunately, we didn’t meet Dana until after my father’s death. If we had had Dana’s guidance, our family’s  outcome may have been radically different. I highly recommend seeking Dana’s assistance in advocating and supporting you during any type of medical situation. We will forever be grateful to Dana for bringing closure to our family.”


From our inbox:

“Money can’t pay you back for the wisdom you provided my family.”

From our inbox:

“You have been an angel that came into our lives…we could not be on this journey without you…”

From our inbox:

” working with Dana has been an absolute blessing for my family. She was able to quickly assess my mom’s situation and immediately offer solutions that made a difference. Her knowledge and tireless legwork is a gamechanger for families trying to negotiate the healthcare system.”


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Want Step-by-Step Guidance to Navigating Your Cancer Diagnosis? 

If you're already navigating a cancer diagnosis, our downloadable tutorial guides you every step of the way.