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A cancer patient advocate is a qualified professional who guides a cancer patient through the healthcare system. Essentially, your cancer patient advocate stands by your side through screening, diagnosis, treatment, and any follow-up with your cancer. If you’re curious about how a cancer patient advocate can help you, keep reading. Our expert team is revealing everything you need to know in today’s blog post:

Benefits of Hiring a Cancer Patient Advocate

So, do you need a cancer patient advocate by your side? To help you answer that question, we’ve listed some reasons you should consider hiring an advocate for cancer patients:

Maintain Your Best Interest

As a cancer patient advocate near me, it’s our job to maintain the best interest of our clients. Whenever hospitals and insurance companies provide assistance, they ultimately have to answer to their employer. However, private patient advocates’ sole allegiance is to their client’s needs and goals.

Provide Knowledge & Expertise

Cancer patient advocates have extensive backgrounds in oncology. That means we’re able to understand and translate your specific diagnosis (and all the medical terminology) in a way that’s easy to understand. Not only that, but private patient advocates research relevant clinical trials and treatment options. Then, our individualized guidance and solutions will help you maximize your time with the healthcare team.

Offer Compassionate Care

When navigating the healthcare system, compassion often gets lost in the midst of information, appointments, and insurance forms. However, partnering with a cancer patient advocate guarantees your well-being and wishes are always accounted for. At Cancer Champions, our team keeps your best interest at the forefront of your cancer journey. As your cancer patient advocate, we vow to hold your hand the entire way.

Cancer Patient Advocate

Cancer Patient Advocate

Find a Cancer Patient Advocate Near Me

Would you like a cancer patient advocate’s expertise, compassion, and knowledge to accompany you along your cancer journey? If so, reach out to our team. When you partner with Cancer Champions, you gain exclusive access to a private patient consultant that understands the cancer journey from both an emotional and a healthcare side.

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