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Consultation Process

90-minute meeting, in-person or online

It’s no surprise that most of my clients feel fear, anxiety, and confusion at the onset of their cancer diagnosis. It’s a critical time, and many decisions need to be made.

These decisions require comprehension of complex and unfamiliar subject matter. And cancer patients (and their families) don’t know what they don’t know. There are many blind spots.

Without medical knowledge and an intimate understanding of the healthcare system, you may miss important opportunities. (Even when you spend hours and days researching.)

That’s where Cancer Champions comes in. Having walked this path countless times, we have the necessary experience to help cancer patients discover their blind spots and fill in the gaps.

Contact me for a consultation and in 90 minutes you will gain:

  • The benefit of someone listening to your story with supportive intention
  • Answers to many of your most pressing questions.
  • A customized roadmap of next steps you can take that will support your journey

Fill out the form below or call 703.403.7600 to schedule a call and/or learn more about my 90-minute consultation.

The cost of the 90-minute consultation is $180.

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