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Presentations to Wealth Managers

Supporting a more holistic approach to management

After reading a Deloitte white paper identifying 10 disruptive trends in wealth management, I began an informal “study” of my own and discovered that the firms innovating in the face of disruption were embracing a holistic management approach by proactively seeking unconventional resources to meet the changing needs and expectations of their clients.

The services provided by Cancer Champions proved to be such a resource to advisors seeking to stay ahead of their competition.

Strategically partnering with Cancer Champions helps advisors in 4 key areas:

  • Personalized advising vs. “robo” advisor
  • Providing vetted resources to address holistic concerns of the client
  • Addressing the longevity concerns of health & wealth
  • Differentiation in a competitive environment

Learn how Cancer Champions can create value for your advisors and their clients by hosting one of my workshops.

The Health & Wealth Connection:  Providing Calm in the Storm

Dana easily builds rapport with her audience, providing insights from 25 years in corporate healthcare and an interactive, case-based overview of the exciting new field of private patient advocacy. Advisors will walk away with an understanding of the value private advocacy provides to anyone facing a medical crisis and the process of how to engage a private advocate for their client.

Protecting Your Most Important Asset:  You

How to stay safe in the hospital 

Did you know that the third leading cause of death in the United States is preventable harm in the hospital?  As a member of the Community Care Project’s Speaker’s Bureau, Dana delivers an interactive and educational presentation on how to advocate for yourself and your loved ones during a hospital stay.  Advisors, as well as clients, will benefit from the insights and practical precautions provided in this presentation.

Financial Toxicity:  Cancer Treatment’s Silent Side Effect

An interactive workshop exposing the unexpected costs of cancer treatment and how to proactively prepare to mitigate large out of pocket expenses.  Advisors and clients walk away with insights and tools to avoid the devastating effects of the financial blind spots of cancer treatment.